WaraQ Art Foundation - Alsatoor Exhibition 24-26th May 2018

Hasan Dhaimish’s work was exhibited for the first time ever in Tripoli, Libya. The outdoor exhibition, hosted by WaraQ Art Foundation took place in an outdoor space open to the public after Iftar.*

‘Before the exhibition, our two exhibition stands were destroyed in the transportation process! We had nowhere to display the works and it was already two hours before iftar.

‘We improvised, and we had the idea to use an alley in the old city as our space, the result was way more satisfying and interesting to the audience, and what we enjoyed the most was that the locals of the old city were really interacting with the artworks and asking questions while they were only passing by to there houses or crossing the alley!’

- Tewa Bernosa, curator at WaraQ

The future looks bright for Hasan’s work in Libya thanks to enthusiastic, talented curators based in the capital. We hope to announce a bigger, more extensive exhibition of his work in his home country over the next year.


*The evening meal with which Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset.